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"Tranquility" - a Lichtenberg Landscape inspired by a a childhood memory of growing up in the mountains of Tennessee.


“Tranquility” is a 18” wood round that is 1” inch thick that has a branching fractal pattern captured within its grain and woven into a story telling landscape.


Each solid piece of wood is hand selected and hand painted with a one of a kind landscape called “Lichtenberg Landscape”.

All of our art is handmade in the USA.

Our process uses a high voltage electrical discharge that creates an elegant Lichtenberg pattern that burns itself into the wood.

Once the fractal burn is done time and care is taken to determine what hidden story is in the pattern and how to continue that story when creating the landscape.

Customers have described the Lichtenberg Landscapes as Zen, mesmerizing, peaceful, and that weaving the fractal burns into a landscape creates a visual journey.

Since our Lichtenberg Landscapes have become one of our most popular pieces of art we created a waiting list. This list allows customers to reserve their spot to be the first to see new pieces. The waiting list can be found at