Custom Orders

All custom orders require a 50% non refundable deposit to cover time and materials.

The following are customizable on Lichtenberg Landscapes.

  • Shape (i.e. round, square, rectangular, etc.)
  • Size (i.e. 18" round, 11"x11", etc.)
  • Custom sizes beyond material we have in inventory or in stock from our suppliers will cost extra.
  • The lichtenberg burns and the wood grain tell a story that I complete with the landscape paintings. You can make a request based off previous pieces for a certain theme but no two burns or pieces will be the same and I don't repeat or copy previous paintings.

The following customizable on resin art pieces.

  • Colors as long as selected from in stock pigments, pastes, or paints.
  • Canvas, cradle board, wood or MDF substrate.
  • Size as long as from in stock sizes or readily available from suppliers.
  • Resin has a mind of its own so it doesn't always follow the plan. Having said that, we do ocean, flower, and nature pieces as custom orders.
Contact us to discuss the specifics of your custom piece(s).