About Us


We are the Jernigan Family and this is our passion. We started out looking for a way to combine our interests into something we could do together as we approach retirement and empty nesters.

My husband has thirty years of experience in electronics, electrical work, and explosives. The lichtenberg burns or fractal burns was a natural fit for him. He built all the safety features into his burner and he does a safety check list walk through before ever burn.

I love to create and art was my first love. It brings me peace and joy to be able to paint again after years as an Engineer.

The lichtenberg burns allow my husband to create a unique canvas for me to paint on. It's as if Nature created a story in the wood, my husband starts the telling of the story through voltage, and I complete the story using paints, inks, resin and more.

We also create art using resin and multi-media. The "resin" art can be abstract or more traditional. The resin seals the art while giving a class like finish and incredible depth.

We do accept custom commissions. Feel free to contact us to with your custom order requests or any questions.